“For Da Kids”



“So, We don’t need your education
We don’t want no pacifier
We are the leaders of your nation
We’re gonna make sure the world survives
There ain’t no justice there’s just us
What happened to the meaning of “in God we trust”
So as we get older and our children grow up
We ain’t gonna teach them what y’all showed us” – CITY HIGH 

Had the blessing of being able to speak to the 4th graders of Salt Lake Elementary.  Love when I have the opportunities to give back and speak to kids about what I do…but more than that…I just love being able to work with kids and hopefully instill in them some sort of value in who they are and what they can become.  I never thought I would have a platform or an occupation do be asked to speak to kids in this capacity, and see it as a total blessing to be able to give back in this small way. 


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