“One final Look at our Traffic”

Over the past few months, I’ve said goodbye to many friends that I’ve known for years. Life never stands still…It is constantly moving with people we love moving away, getting married, and continuing on with the flow of life.
A few months ago, Yasmin and I made our way to our cars after another morning show. She was just staring at me with that curious grin that she often wears and I disregarded it as another one of her crazy ideas, stories, or facts that she was brewing in her head…but this time it was different. She asked me, “Can I tell you something… BIG!” And as soon as she said those words, I knew she was leaving us.
The opportunity to work in a market as a lead anchor was something she could not pass up…but it became very clear how quickly things were about to change. Again, life was happening before us, with opportunities come sacrifices and movement, and that is exactly what Yasmin was planning on doing.
I met Yasmin when I started KITV in January, and while we only worked together for 7 months… I felt as if I was getting ready to say goodbye to a lifelong friend. From the very beginning, we just clicked. Our humor seemed to flow and our meaningless conversations seemed to go on for hours and days, yet still managing to make us laugh each time. Yasmin has a way of doing that not only with me, but with all those she allows into her inner circle.
Through the transitions that our team has seen over the past year, the one thing that has remained constant is our relationships with one another. Family is often overused to describe working relationships that thrive…and yet there doesn’t seem to be any other word that can sum up what we have on KITV THIS MORNING. We are a family, dysfunctional in our own ways along with the occasional disagreements…but always supportive of one another.
Yasmin’s departure was a big blow for our team and to our family. And yet, as it is in life…you have to move on and allow for change to happen. Yasmin is more than just a co-worker or someone who filled us in on the daily Hollywood gossip. She is our sister, a close confidant, and a beautiful person both inside and out who’s impact on my life will always be cherished!

“What about the DEBATE!”
“Did you know the power is out at the Airport!”
“Breaking News!”


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