On a Mission to the top…

It was another beautiful day for a Hike and we decided to venture over to the windward side of the island to tackle the Olomana Hike.

With a two-hour time limit, we knew that we had to get moving once on the trail.  The hike is located near the Luana Hills Golf Course in Kailua. Parking for this hike is right before the bridge and guard shack on the side of the road. After walking past the guard shack and up the road, an opening with a sign will lead you to the trail. There is a shortcut to the start and finish of the trial that may be best to tackle on the way back down.

This hike is very steep at time and requires a lot of patience and solid hiking skills.  There are moments where the vertical cliffs create some dangerous uphill climbs. However, all in all, it is a great hike with an amazing view.  It took us a little over two hours to walk to the top of the first peak and back down.  There are two other peaks that are obtainable… but take more time to do.  Good Luck! ImageImageImage


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